ECR Bursaries

The following people received bursaries to attend Dial-a-Molecule meetings during Phase III.

Liam Ball Annual meeting 2017
Tobias Gruber Annual meeting 2017
James Walton Annual meeting 2017
Ben Deadman Annual meeting 2017
Jordi Bures Enabling Technology sandpit Loughborough
Marc Reid Enabling Technology sandpit Loughborough
Ben Partridge Academic-Industry Ideas Exchange
Stephen Thomas Academic-Industry Ideas Exchange
David Nelson Academic-Industry Ideas Exchange
Jordi Bures Annual meeting 2018
James Walton Annual meeting 2018
Zhaoliang Zheng Annual meeting 2018
Long Duong Annual meeting 2018
James Donald Annual meeting 2018
Karen Robertson Enabling access to automation meeting
Alastair Lennox Kinetics workshop, ROAR
Leoni Palmer Enabling Technology workshop Cardiff
Louis Morrill Annual meeting 2019
Graeme Barker Annual meeting 2019
Alastair Lennox Annual meeting 2019
Paul Dingwall Annual meeting 2019
Carlo van Melis Annual meeting 2019
Leoni Palmer ECR event 2019
Paul Dingwall AI for Reaction Outcome and Synthetic Route Prediction
Jo Grundy AI for Reaction Outcome and Synthetic Route Prediction