Chemistry Central Journal launches Dial-a-Molecule Thematic Series

Dial-a-Molecule are pleased to announce Chemistry Central Journal (Springer) have launched the “Dial-a-Molecule” Thematic Series.

Dr Charlotte Hollingworth, Publishing Editor at Chemistry Central Journal explains “as a broad scope open access chemistry journal Chemistry Central Journal aims to present novel research from all fields of chemistry and the interdisciplinary areas that converge with chemistry. A perfect example of the collaborative nature of this field is the Dial-a-Molecule network so we are thrilled to launch a new thematic series that will continuously publish the latest research from the network.”

The Thematic series is ongoing and encompasses reviews, mini-reviews and research papers spanning the themes of the Dial-a-Molecule Roadmap.

The papers in the series are now available to download online and are open access:

If you are interested in submitting an article to this series, please contact  Dr Charlotte Hollingworth (Springer, Chemistry Central)