Don’t miss Early Bird registration for EUROCALL 2017… and here is why!

Don’t miss Early Bird registration for EUROCALL 2017… and here is why!

Don’t miss the chance to grab your Early Bird registration for what promises to be an exciting EUROCALL conference this year, as well as a worthy celebration of 25 years of EUROCALL! This year’s event is taking place at the University of Southampton Highfield Campus from 23rd – 26th August 2017.

With conference preparations picking up pace in the run-up to the Early Bird registration deadline, here are a few reasons why this year’s EUROCALL conference is one not to miss!

A beautiful and leafy conference venue…

We are delighted to welcome all EUROCALL 2017 conference participants to our green and leafy Highfield Campus, the University’s main campus, and home to innovative buildings and to lively arts venues such as the Nuffield Theatre, the John Hansard Gallery and the Turner Sims Concert Hall. We are planning to produce some video clips of the main venues for the EUROCALL 2017 conference (watch this space!) but in the meantime, why not take a Highfield Campus tour by watching this short video.



…in a vibrant maritime city…

Southampton is a vibrant international maritime city, surrounded by countryside including the New Forest to the West, with London just over 1 hour away, and with beautiful stretches of coastline throughout Hampshire and nearby Dorset. If you haven’t visited us here before, check out this short video introducing some of the highlights of Southampton and its surrounding area. Why not combine your attendance at EUROCALL with a short break to discover some of the delights of this sunny corner of the South?

…and an unmissable conference theme!

The theme of EUROCALL 2017 is ‘CALL in a Climate of Change: Adapting to Turbulent Global Conditions.’ This theme encompasses the notion of how Computer-assisted Language Learning (CALL) responds to changing global circumstances (in economic, political or environmental spheres), which impact on education. The theme cuts across areas including teacher training, competitive education models, open education, blended learning models, collaboration, creative and innovative pedagogy, student engagement, students’ needs and sustainability. The EUROCALL 2017 conference will discuss and discover insights into how the theories and practices of CALL are driving, responding to and facilitating change in the world around us.

Join us to share your real-world experiences of CALL research and teaching and join our vibrant community of practitioners! To register for your place, please follow the instructions on the EUROCALL 2017 website. You can also follow conference preparations here on this blog , and on EUROCALL Twitter.

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