Local organisers

Organising committee at Southampton:

  • Kate Borthwick, Senior Enterprise Fellow (Technology Enhanced Learning) [General Chair]
  • Erin Forward [Administrator]
  • Sahar Alzahrani, PhD student
  • Andrew Davey, Manager Online Platform MLL [Co-chair - organisation]
  • Marion Demossier, Professor of French, Head of Modern Languages and Linguistics
  • Alison Dickens, Director of Lifelong Learning and Enterprise (MLL) [Deputy chair]
  • Laura Diez Cobo, Academic Engagement Librarian – MLL [Co-Chair – sponsorship]
  • Charlotte Everitt, Senior Teaching Fellow in elearning [Co-chair - marketing/social media]
  • Chris Lewis, Teaching Fellow, ACIS [Deputy Chair]
  • Vanessa Mar-Molinero, Senior Teaching Fellow, ACIS
  • Mary Page, Senior Teaching Fellow, ACIS
  • Adriana Patino-Santos, lecturer in Modern Languages
  • Alessia Plutino, Teaching Fellow in Italian [Co-chair - marketing/social media]
  • Chris Sinclair, Director of Internationalisation, ACIS
  • Manuel Leon Urrutia, Lecturer in Online Learning
  • Steve White, PhD student and Teaching Fellow
  • Sarah Winspear, Senior Teaching Fellow, ACIS [Co-Chair – sponsorship]
  • Vicky Wright, Director of Language Strategy

Media work carried out by Josef Brett, Digital Learning team, University of Southampton.