Conference Theme

The conference theme this year is: ‘CALL in a Climate of Change: Adapting to Turbulent Global Conditions.’

This theme encompasses the notion of how CALL can, and is responding to changing global circumstances which impact on education, be they in economic, political or environmental spheres. It cuts across areas including teacher training, competitive educational models, open education, models for blended learning, collaboration, creative and innovative pedagogy, student engagement, students’ needs and sustainability.

The EUROCALL 2017 conference aims to discuss and discover insights into how the theories and practices of CALL are driving, responding to and facilitating change in the world around us.

Proposals addressing the theme from both theoretical and practical perspectives in relation to the many forms and contexts of CALL are particularly welcome. Submissions may include, but are not restricted to:

  • students as producers of content and agents of change
  • student engagement and motivation
  • sustainability for teachers, online learners and online learning
  • evaluation and re-evaluation of teaching methodologies in CALL
  • the local versus the global in online learning
  • creativity in CALL pedagogy
  • developing strategies for teacher education and professional development
  • mobile learning in CALL
  • the ecology of language learning
  • learning analytics and CALL design
  • open educational resources and practice in language learning
  • applying principles from SLA in CALL
  • innovative practice in blended language learning
  • the design and practice of LMOOCs (language related massive open online courses)
  • telecollaboration and CMC
  • autonomous and life-long learning
  • computer-based languages tests
  • gamification and virtual reality

We welcome proposals from researchers and practitioners working in any areas of CALL. The conference language is English and all proposals for Papers, Symposia, European Projects, Workshops and Posters must be submitted in English.

Full details about the conference theme, presentation formats and the conference submission process are available in the Call for Papers section of this site.