Information for presenters

Presentation facilities

All rooms are equipped with Windows 8.1 presentation PC’s, wired internet access, data projector and audio system. MS Office 10 (including Powerpoint) is provided as standard, together with IE9 or higher, Chrome and other standard applications. USB-access is provided to copy your presentations to the system. It is not possible to install your own software. It is, however, possible to connect your own laptop. In view of smooth transitions between sessions, you are advised to use your own laptop only if your presentation requires it. You are advised to set up your presentation well before the session.


When preparing your presentation, please observe the following time schedules:

  • 30 minute presentations: 20 minutes presenting, 5 for questions, 5 minutes for room changes
  • Symposia: 90 minutes in total, with no room changes between individual contributions. Times for questions, etc. to be determined by the chair.
  • Workshops: 90 minutes in total, with no room changes between individual contributions (if relevant). Timings to be decided by the workshop leader.
  • Pecha kucha: there will be a PhD students’ pecha kucha session. A pecha kucha is a particular style of presentation which involves presenting 20 slides for 20 seconds each (6 minutes 40 seconds in total). It requires speakers to be concise, entertaining and innovative in their presentation style and allows for multiple speakers in one session. Please adhere to this format when preparing your pecha kucha talk.

Information for poster presenters

Please look at the attached pdf. file for information and guidance about poster presentations.