EUROCALL 2017 Southampton, UK, 23-26 August

CALL in a climate of change

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25th EUROCALL conference

The University of Southampton is delighted to be hosting the 25th EUROCALL conference, at Southampton in the UK. We are one of the UKs top universities and have an excellent track record of research and innovation in the use of technology to support teaching and learning.

The EUROCALL 2017 Short Papers have been published. Download and read them here.

CALL in a climate of change

The theme of EUROCALL 2017 is CALL in a Climate of Change: Adapting to Turbulent Global Conditions.

This theme encompasses the notion of how Computer-assisted Language Learning (CALL) responds to changing global circumstances (in economic, political or environmental spheres), which impact on education. The theme cuts across areas including teacher training, competitive education models, open education, blended learning models, collaboration, creative and innovative pedagogy, student engagement, student's needs and sustainability.

The EUROCALL 2017 conference will discuss and discover insights into how the theories and practices of CALL are driving, responding to and facilitating change in the world around us.

Join us to share your real-world experiences of CALL research and teaching and join our vibrant community of practitioners.