Conference proceedings for EUROCALL 2017: Deadline 31st July

The University of Southampton is delighted to be working with on the publishing of this year’s conference proceedings. have been publishing EUROCALL conference proceedings since 2012 and they are looking forward to collaborating with authors and reviewers once more.

Authors of all accepted presentations (papers and posters) can send a short paper of 1600 words in total for publication in the EUROCALL 2017 conference proceedings. The publication of the short papers is guaranteed before the end of the current year. Deadline for submissions: 31st July 2017.

Instructions for short papers (if you are an accepted author and if you have registered for the conference) can be found here.

The University has a good relationship with and has collaborated over recent publications including 10 Years of the LLAS E-Learning Symposium (2015) edited by Kate Borthwick, Erika Corradini, Alison Dickens and Employability for Languages: a handbook (2016), edited by Erika Corradini, Kate Borthwick, Angela Gallagher-Brett.

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 is more than a not-for-profit organisation; we are a dedicated team devoted to helping researchers publish their findings. We know what it means to do research and to get published. We know the pain, the frustration, the anger, the despair, and more often than not, the joy. We are a human size publisher and we believe in open access, ever since Day 1, back in 2010.

Our secret master plan…

Our secret master plan is to create a better world for authors, reviewers, and editors. While the task is indeed simple, it not easy to achieve, and we are working hard towards this goal.

What we do is publish high quality edited books of research papers in open access. Open access is simply awesome, mostly because anybody with an internet connection can freely access knowledge, but also because authors have a better chance of having their papers read and, a fortiori, cited. This is achieved through professionalism, and above all, by proving that the spirit of craftsmanship is still alive and well.

We have been publishing the EUROCALL short papers since the Gothenburg conference in 2012, and we are very proud of that fact. The publication of the conference short papers is a challenge for all involved, mostly because of the time frame; if you have time for a three minute read, look through our behind the curtain story on the 2016 EUROCALL publication.

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