Computer-mediated communication special interest group (CMC SIG)

This week we are featuring on our blog another interesting SIG: the CMC SIG i.e. the Computer-mediated communication special interest group.

The CMC SIG brings together researchers and practitioners who are interested in facilitating the mediation of intercultural communication at a distance. We aim to share insights gained through practice into effective task based learning and use of technology in order to reduce the frustration and difficulties frequently experienced in this area.

The INTENT project has its roots in this sig and it has led the way in supporting the growth in the use of telecollaboration in languages with the emergence of a new field of study, Online Intercultural Exchange (OIE). The project developed a database of tasks to inspire and extend such activities,

The sig has focussed of late on sharing the work of practitioners and researchers through a series of online webinars giving short introductions to existing practice and experimentation, the webinars can be viewed here.

As predicted by Crystal:

“In a statistical sense, we may one day communicate with each other far more via computer mediation than in direct interaction.”
– Crystal (2001, p.241)

This is undoubtedly the case with both synchronous and asynchronous use of technology mediating many aspects of human communication today. However, there is a good deal of digital wisdom to acquire and the sig is a great place to do just that. We hope you will come along to our workshop, come and chat to us at our sig meeting or connect with us online and we will be very happy to connect with you and your work.

Muge Satar, CMC secretary, introduces the CMC SIG in this Invitation video : join this group if you have similar interests!

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