1.2 – Activity 1: Instructions


For this activity you will need a desktop PC of a spec that was produced in the last 3 years (2 years for a laptop). You will also need to be connected to a broadband connection.

Note that at the current time google Earth is ‘beta’ software so it may not operate correctly even with a good internet connection and a correct spec computer. We always provide an alternative activity to the google earth activity.

  1. Download and install a copy of Google Earth
  2. You may like to look at the instructions that show you how to navigate Google Earth. This will enable you to ‘fly’ around the points we have created at will.
  3. Double click the link to the .kmz file that is associated with your activity, it should open Google Earth automatically with the tour loaded. If this does not work, right click on the link and download the file somewhere, open Google Earth, >file >open and select the file from where you have saved it.
  4. Find the folder which goes with your activity in the places column.
  5. To the left of this folder toggle the arrow to be down and the check box to be on.
  6. Deselect other layers in the ‘layers’ column if they are cluttering the view.
  7. Note you can turn map layers on and off if they obstruct the view by toggling the tick box next to them on and off.
  8. Double Click on each of the links in the folder in turn to be flown on a tour around the study area.

References (Essential reading for this learning object indicated by *)

* Google Earth Download: http://earth.google.com

Instructions how to navigate with Google Earth: http://earth.google.com/tour/

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