Welcome to GIS for Environmental Management

Welcome to the learning materials for the GIS for Environmental Management module, developed and maintained by the University of Southampton. You will find that the links on the left-hand panel allows you to navigate through our syllabus. The syllabus is broken down into broad topics (called units) and smaller chunks of material within each unit (called learning objects). We recommend that you work through the materials in the order shown, as they are designed to be read in this order.

Within the course materials, you will find activity section such as this:


Using the resources provided, choose a particular country of interest to you and identify how its healthcare system is funded. Post a brief message to the course discussion board summarising your findings.

Sometimes these are discussion activities, sometimes quizzes, and sometimes computer practicals. These materials are intended to be interactive, so we encourage you to undertake these activities as you work your way through the materials.

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