Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka

BUET logoThe Institute of Water and Flood Management (IWFM) is a premier institute at Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) for the advancement of knowledge and capacity development in water and flood management through its unique academic and research programs. The mission of the institute is to promote integrated water resources management (IWRM), and to generate knowledge through basic and applied researches, to share knowledge and expertise with other organisations and to develop professionals in water management with multi-disciplinary backgrounds.  The multi-disciplinary postgraduate degree programs are aimed at engineers, planners, hydrologists, agriculturists, physical and social scientists, designed with a multi-disciplinary course curriculum blending engineering, agricultural, socio-economic and environmental analyses. Research activities of the institute focus on priority areas in water management, with major emphasis on water resources management in a floodplain environment, river and coastal hydraulics, wetland hydrology, hazard management, urban water management, irrigation and water management, environmental impact of water development, water resources policy, and climate change. The Institute has undertaken a significant number of collaborative research projects and programs over the years with different local and international institutions, and has established a very good science-policy linkage with government ministries and departments of Bangladesh. Currently, the DECCMA project and the ESPA Deltas project are two of several other notable large research projects of IWFM, looking into the effects of climate change on delta region, and assessing the changing ecosystem services that deltas provide and their linkages with poverty alleviation respectively.

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Centre for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS)

CegisThe Centre for Environmental and Geographic Information Services (CEGIS) is a pioneer in Bangladesh in integrated environmental and social analysis and monitoring studies using the latest concepts and GIS and space technologies.  It started with intellectual services for natural resources and disaster management planning using GIS, Remote Sensing and database technology for integrated environmental and social analysis.  Over the years, it has expanded the service areas to other development spheres.  Its services and projects include IEE, EIA, SIA development of environmental guidelines, Resettlement Action Plans (RAP), analytical framework for integrated water resources management (IWRM), spatial analysis using GIS and Remote Sensing for flood monitoring, river morphology, climate change, drought assessment and monitoring, monitoring of river plan form changes, river erosion and accretion prediction, flood damage assessment, land use planning and zoning, urban planning, database and IT services such as the NWRD, development of metadata base and web-based spatial database, MIS and Decision Support Systems for planning, designing, implementation and monitoring of projects, etc.

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Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU), University of Dhaka

RMMRU logoRefugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU), an affiliate of the University of Dhaka, is a centre for migrant research, advocacy and training, based at the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Since its inception in 1995, RMMRU has worked diligently to illuminate the potential of migration to initiate pro-poor growth and poverty reduction in South Asia.  By cooperating with regional and global organisations, RMMRU continues to facilitate collaborative research that effectively integrates and links global migration discourse with regional grassroots programs in order to identify and eradicate the key issues affecting Bangladeshi migrants.  Additionally, RMMRU has engaged in over fifty primary research studies on refugees, internally displaced persons, stateless people, labour migrants and diaspora communities.  Through ongoing programs, media campaigns, and research projects, RMMRU hopes to promote the idea that a well-governed and informed migration system will reduce poverty and benefit both receiving and sending regions and that migration is an important livelihood strategy to move out of poverty.

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South Asian Network on Economic Modelling (SANEM), Dhaka

SANEM logoSouth Asian Network on Economic Modelling (SANEM) is a non-profit research organisation in Bangladesh. It is also a network of economists and policy makers in South Asia with a special emphasis on economic modelling.  SANEM aims to promote the production, exchange and dissemination of basic research knowledge in the areas of international trade, macro economy, poverty, labour market, environment, political economy and economic modelling.  It seeks to produce objective, high quality, country and South Asian region-specific policy and thematic research. SANEM contributes in governments’ policy-making by providing research supports both at individual and organisational capacities. SANEM has maintained strong research collaboration with global, regional and local think-tanks, research and development organisations, universities and individual researchers. SANEM has an internship program in place for university graduates. SANEM arranges regular training programs on economic modelling and contemporary economic issues for both Bangladeshi and other South Asian participants.

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Bangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organisation (SPARRSO)

SPARRSO logoBangladesh Space Research and Remote Sensing Organization (SPARSSO) is a state agency concerned with astronomical research and the application of space technology in Bangladesh.  Its vision is effective and peaceful application of Space & Geo-information Technology (GIT) for sustainable development and human safety, security for benefits. SPARRSO also performs research works on various aspects of geo-disciplinary subject areas of RS-GIS technologies. The research items include technological development on RS-GIS algorithms, aims at better techniques for geo-information retrieval along with effective approaches towards fruitful application of such technology.  It is also playing an active role for development of international cooperation and collaboration by participating in the international space technology related activities.  It has been maintaining very close and effective collaboration, and good cooperation with the international organisations and agencies of different countries.

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Water Resources Planning Organisation (WARPO)

WARPO logoWARPO is an apex organisation in macro level planning in the water sector under the Ministry of Water Resources.¬† It acts as a secretariat to the Executive Committee to the National Water Resources Council (ECNWRC).¬† It is mandated to prepare the National Water Management Plan (NWMP), maintain and update National Water Resources Database as its custodian, review and ‚Äėclear‚Äô project proposals and provide technical support to Planning Commission, monitor and evaluate NWMP implementation and also the state of water resources, and provide administrative, policy and strategic advice to the ECNWRC.¬† While these constitute the routine core functions of WARPO, it has some other periodic functions as well, including periodic updating of the NWMP, assisting other agencies in planning, monitoring, studies and investigations, providing adhoc advice on policy, strategy, institutional and legal issues, and engaging in special studies and research as required from time to time.¬† Recent major achievements of WARPO include preparation of National Water Policy (NWPo) 1999; NWMP Development Strategy Report, 2001; National Water Management Plan ‚Äď 2001; National Water Resources Database (NWRD) and MIS; Integrated Coastal Resources Database (ICRD), 2005; Coastal Zone Policy, 2005; Coastal Zone Strategy, 2006; Impact Assessment of Climate Changes in the Coastal Zone; and Bangladesh Water Act, 2013.

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