Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Dr. Susan Kay

SKayDr. Susan Kay is a scientist in the modelling group at PML. Her work involves setting up and running hydrodynamic-ecosystem models which can be used to investigate the possible impacts of climate change on the marine environment. She joined PML in 2011, and prior to this did a PhD in remote sensing. Susan is part of the fisheries modelling group and she will be running models of the physics and biogeochemistry of sea in the region of DECCMA deltas. These models give information about how climate change might affect production under different climate change scenarios. They can also give projections of sea level rise.

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Dr. Jose Fernandes

JFernandesDr. Jose Fernandes is a bio-economic modeller at PML, working on integrating modelling approaches towards an ecosystem services approach, the study of interactions between climate and environment with socio-economic activities and the use for policy and management for improving resources usage and adaptation to change. His work at with the DECCMA project implies fisheries projections and comparing fisheries in the studied deltas.