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Andrew Allan

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Alistair Rieu-Clarke

Alistair Rieu-Clarke 2Alistair Rieu-Clarke’s research interests focus on transboundary water cooperation and governance. He has led and participated in numerous international multi-disciplinary research projects, wherein he has sought to explore governance aspects of transboundary water cooperation. In the DECMMA project, Alistair supports the implementation of Work Package 1, particularly in relation to the analysis of the governance systems pertaining to the Deltas.

Christopher Spray

Chris Spray newChristopher Spray is a wetland scientist and catchment practitioner. He has worked in environmental protection and regulation, in conservation in the water industry, aquatic ecological monitoring and participative catchment management and, latterly in academia. His current research focuses on integrated catchment management using an ecosystems approach, stakeholder engagement, river restoration and science in to policy. Within DECCMA, Chris is part of Work Package 1 team, assisting with stakeholder engagement, governance, science to policy implications and scenarios.