Prof. Tasneem Siddiqui


Tasneem Siddiqui newTasneem Siddiqui is a Professor of Political Science and Chair of RMMRU at the University of Dhaka. Dr Siddiqui’s recent work on migration and climate change has been published by the journal: Population and Environment and Edward Edgar. She was one of the key members that drafted the National “Overseas Employment Policy” and “Overseas Employment and Migration Act 2013” of Bangladesh. She is working as a co-investigator in Work Package 3.


Mohammad Rashed Bhuiyan


Mohammad Rashed BhuiyanMohammad Rashed Alam Bhuiyan is a lecturer of Political Science, University of Dhaka. Previously he served RMMRU as a Field Coordinator, Project Manager, Research Associate and Senior Programme Officer (Media & Policy Advocacy) in several research projects. He played a protagonist role in Television for Environment (tve) and produced the documentary ‘LIVING ON THE GO’, accessible on YouTube. On the DECCMA project, he is country co-lead of Work Package 3 and also deeply involved with several work tasks of Work Package 6.

Dr. Gobinda Chakraborty


Gobinda ChakrabortyGobinda Chakraborty is Professor of political science in the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh with an interest in understanding renewable natural resources management and resource economics from the South Asian regional security perspective. Before joining DECCMA he examined the outstanding issues between Bangladesh and India over transboundary water sharing issues and analysed the Aral Basin of Central Asia as an environmental catastrophe. Prior to this, he submitted his Ph.D. dissertation in the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India. Gobinda Chakraborty is acting as Researcher for DECCMA’s Work Package 6, which will figure out and examine feasible and acceptable autonomous and planned adaptation practices in the three deltas studied under the DECCMA project in general and the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta in particular.

Mahmudol Hasan Rocky


Mahmudol Hasan Rocky newMahmudol Hasan Rocky works as an Associate Researcher and coordinates field enumerators at RMMRU. He has successfully supervised surveys for a number of RMMRU’s key research projects including a climate change related migration project. Mr. Rocky is primarily involved with Work Package 3 and Work Package 6 of the DECCMA project.


Prodip Kumar Das


Prodip Kumar DasProdip Kumar Das works at RMMRU as Research Assistant in the DECCMA project. Mr. Das completed his B.Sc in Urban and Rural Planning from Khulna University. Currently, he is working on the adaptation inventory (Wprk Package 6) and is also involved with the secondary data collection on migration under Work Package 3.