Former members

Mohammad Towheedul Islam

Mohammad Towheedul IslamMohammad Towheedul Islam is an assistant professor in International Relations, University of Dhaka. He completed an MA in International Environmental Policy from Monterey Institute of International Studies, USA in 2012. For the DECCMA project, he has been involved in WP6 and is country co-lead for WT1.2, WT 1.3 and WT6.3.


Qazi Aniqua Zahra

Qazi Aniqua ZahraQazi Aniqua Zahra, graduated from the Department of URP, BUET in 2014. She has an interest in hazard management and risk analysis and is doing her masters in IWFM to pursue that. She participated in several national and international workshop/seminars on planning in fallow-lands, assisted a BUET-Professor in the research on Area Conservation at Panamnagar and authored a joint publication. Aniqua is a Research Assistant, working on Hotspot mapping in work package 2 of DECCMA project.

Md. Monowar-ul Haq

Monowarul HaqMd. Monowar-ul Haq is a civil engineer with a keen interest in the environmental aspects of water resources management and the effects of climate change upon the various compartments of the ecosystem. He has worked as a research assistant for various projects at IWFM, and is currently pursuing M.Sc. degree there.  He is working as a Research Assistant for work package 1 on DECCMA project.

Md. Izazul Haq

Izazul HaqMd. Izazul Haq has completed his M.Sc. in Geography and Environment from University of Dhaka. His dissertation researched on linking environmental change, socio-economy and migration phenomena in the coastal zone of Bangladesh. His research interests are climate change, adaptation, migration, policy analysis, environmental management, GIS, remote sensing and numerical modelling. Izazul is a M.Sc. Research Fellow for DECCMA’s work package 6, which will identify and evaluate feasible and acceptable planned and autonomous adaptations in GBM delta. Currently he is working on adaptation inventory preparation, reviewing policy option and adaptation mapping.

Noor-E-Ashmaul Husna

Noor E Ashmaul HusnaNoor-E-Ashmaul Husna is a Civil and Environmental Engineer from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet. Her undergraduate thesis was on Groundwater level prediction in some selected locations of the Chandpur district: an Artificial Neural Network approach. Her research interests are GIS, remote sensing and numerical modelling.  She is working as a research associate for DECCMA’s work package 2.

Md. Wasif-E-Elahi

Wasif E ElahiMd. Wasif-E-Elahi is a graduate student of Institute of Water and Flood Management, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. His background is Civil and Environmental Engineering. Wasif is working as a Research Assistant in DECCMA project under Work Package 2.


Rezaul Karim

Rezaul KarimRezaul Karim is a Civil and Environmental Engineer from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet. He is currently pursuing his M.Sc. Degree in Water Resource Development (WRD) from IWFM, BUET, Dhaka. His research interest includes: River and Coastal Morphology, Climate Change Impact on Water Resources, Hydrology and Climate modelling etc. Rezaul is a Masters Fellow under WP2 on the DECCMA project.

Gazi Md Riasat Amin

Gazi Riasat AminGazi Md. Riasat Amin is a Civil and Environmental Engineer from Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet. He is currently pursuing his M.Sc Engg. Degree in Environmental Engineering (Civil) from BUET, Dhaka. His research interest includes rainwater harvesting, remote sensing and GIS, climate change impact on water resources, effect of land cover change on run off, hydrology modelling, climate change impact on ecology and mathematic modelling.  Gazi is acting as a Research Assistant for DECCMA’s work package 2,  Fluvio-Tidal Flood and Survey Component.

Tanveer Ahmed

Tanveer AhmedTanveer Ahmed is an Engineer of Water Resources. He received his undergraduate degree from Department of Water Resources Engineering, BUET. Currently he is pursuing a postgraduate degree in Water Resources Development at the Institute of Water and Flood Management (IWFM), BUET.  He is interested in mitigation and adaptation of climate change through a mathematical modelling approach. In his undergraduate thesis, he tried to implement mathematical modelling to assess salinity condition in the rivers Halda and Karnafuli using HEC-RAS and GIS.  Tanveer is a Research Assistant for DECCMA’s work package 2. His prime responsibility is output preparation for different work packages. He also takes an interest in modelling salinity, morphology, storm surge and has active participation in the processes. He also explores different tools and uses of GIS which may help the project.


SumaiyaSumaiya Sunam holds a BSc. degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Her MSc research work focused on the hydrodynamic process of the Bangladesh coast. Previously, she worked as a Research Associate in the delta modelling team of the ESPA Deltas Project.  Her major fields of interests are in marine and estuarine processes, delta dynamics, flow and transport processes, computational fluid dynamics, numerical, techniques and modelling and basic hydraulics.  Sumaiya is working as a research assistant under WP2. Her main task is to develop a computer based quantitative model to provide physical information such as salinity, fluvial and tidal flooding.

Pia Afreena K Huq

Pia Afreena HuqMs. Pia Afreena Khaleda Huq has gathered extensive working experience in the GIS-RS field in various capacities during her working period with CEGIS. She is well-experienced in leading many GIS-based projects in CEGIS. She is also experienced in developing customised GIS-based training modules and conducting training. Ms. Huq is involved in Work Package 2 in DECCMA.