Working Papers


  1. The DECCMA Integrated Scenario Framework: A Multi-Scale and Participatory Approach to Explore Migration and Adaptation in Deltas
  2. Review of migration and resettlement in Bangladesh: effects of climate change and its impact on gender roles
  3. Stakeholder Mapping for Adaptation in Deltas
  4. A method to assess migration and adaptation in deltas: A preliminary fast-track assessment
  5. Report on Round 1 of DECCMA Stakeholder Engagement
  6. Resettlement and Rehabilitation: Indian Scenario
  7. Review of national adaptation policies, India
  8. Review of West Bengal State Adaptation Policies, Indian Bengal Delta
  9. Migration in the Ganga-Brahmaputara-Meghna Delta: a review of the literature
  10. A framework for the design and evaluation of adaptation pathways in large river deltas
  11. Migration in the Volta Delta: a review of the literature
  12. Migration in the Indian Bengal Delta and the Mahanadi Delta: A review of the literature
  13. Setting the scene: National and deltaic migration trends in India, Bangladesh and Ghana
  14. Scoping report on adaptation initiatives in Bangladesh, Ghana and India
  15. Review of Adaptation Related Policies in Ghana
  16. Review of Odisha State Adaptation Policies, Mahanadi Delta
  17. DECCMA’s approach to the incorporation of gender
  18. DECCMA Delta Adaptation Inventory
  19. Observed Adaptation in Deltas
  20. Validation of Regional Climate Model simulations for the DECCMA project
  21. Selection of climate model simulations for the DECCMA project
  22. Designing Adaptation Policy Trajectories
  23. Transformational Adaptation: A review of examples from four deltas to inform the design of adaptation policy trajectories