Dr Helen Adams

Kings College

Helen AdamsDr Helen Adams is an environmental social scientist working on the subjective dimensions of human interactions with environmental change, with a focus on marginal regions of low income countries. She previously worked at the University of Exeter on the ESPA project and completed her PhD at the School of Environmental Sciences at the University of East Anglia in 2012. Helen is working on Work Package 3 – Understanding migration. She will be involved with the implementation of the quantitative household survey, and analysing what it means for migration to be successful.

Prof. Paul Whitehead

University of Oxford

Paul WhiteheadProfessor Paul Whitehead has over 35 years’ experience of research on water resources, water quality and pollution issues, including nutrients, and has a special interest in modelling; including the development of process based dynamic models. He is the original author of the INCA model and has written over 200 papers in the scientific literature. Professor Whitehead has been responsible for modelling flow and water quality for the Ganga, Brahmaputra and Meghna Rivers as part of the NERC ESPA Delta’s project. The models have been used to investigate impacts of climate change and socio-economic change on flows and nutrient loads into the delta region of Bangladesh.   As part of DECCMA Paul will be applying the INCA model to simulate nitrogen and phosphorous for the Volta and the Mahanadi River systems as well as the GBM Rivers. The models will be run with the new climate data to be provided by the Met Office so that nutrient loads can be provided to the downstream estuary/coastal modellers within DECCMA.

Prof. Edward Carr

Clark University

Ed Carr newEd Carr is Professor and Director of the International Development, Community, and Environment Department at Clark University, and the founder and director of the Humanitarian Response and Development Lab (HURDL). His work focuses on rural livelihoods and their intersection with global change. He has served in various roles at USAID and the World Bank, and participated in three global assessments, as a lead author for the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and UNEP’s Fourth Global Environment Outlook, and as a review editor for the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report. Prof. Carr is associated with Work Package 3 and will provide support on migration and policy across all of the deltas.

Kwame Owusu-Daaku

University of South Carolina

Kwame Owusu-Daaku photoKwame Owusu-Daaku is a PhD Candidate at the University of South Carolina. His current research interests include the impact of climate change on rural and urban poor livelihoods. His dissertation examines the different narratives of residents, researchers and government officials concerning the vulnerability of the Volta Delta to climate change.  Kwame is associated with Work Package 3 and will be working with Dr. Edward Carr to provide support on migration and policy across all the deltas.