University of Exeter

Prof. Neil Adger

NAdgerProf. Neil Adger is a leading social scientist in the area of climate change impacts and adaptation. He led the IPCC chapter on human security for the Fifth Assessment Report in 2014 and was a Lead Expert on the UK Foresight Report on Migration and Global Environmental Change in 2011.


Ricardo Safra de Campos

Ricardo Safra de Campos newDr Ricardo Safra de Campos is an early career human geographer studying mobility and migration responses to global environmental change. His research explores the ways in which mobility associated with productive and discretionary activities is impacted by slow-onset climatic events; and how household migration responses to these events in marginal areas are shaped by livelihoods, access to capital assets, perceptions of the environment and socioeconomic attributes. Ricardo’s principal role on the DECCMA project is to co-design the methodological approach used to investigate potential migration and mobility responses among other adaptation strategies employed by households in four study areas; and analyse data obtained from the household surveys implemented in migrant sending and receiving areas in the four Deltas. Ricardo will also contribute to the development of scenarios of displacement, abandonment and resettlement at a local scale. This will involve key informant interviews with stakeholders and qualitative fieldwork with resettled and/or threatened communities.