PhotoStories and Infographics

PhotoStories provide a narrative using images as the basis for telling a story.¬† Here are some of DECCMA’s PhotoStories:

MASTERS FIELDWORK IN THE INDIAN BENGAL DELTA Reflections on capacity building opportunities within a collaborative international research project

BEEKEEPING AND CRAB FATTENING Alternative livelihoods in the Indian Bengal delta

THE AFTERMATH OF AILA The lingering effects of a tropical cyclone in the Indian Bengal delta

“WE NEED TO GIVE OUR CITIZENS A SAFE PLACE TO STAY” How government is relocating coastal communities affected by loss of land in the Mahanadi delta, India

“LIFE IS CRUEL HERE” Stories of forced migrants in Chittagong, Bangladesh

LIVING WITH CHANGE Adapting to Climate Change in the Indian Bengal Delta

TO MIGRATE OR NOT TO MIGRATE? That is the question.  A case of the Volta delta.


Here are some of DECCMA’s infographics

Gendered migration patterns and effects in the Indian Bengal delta

Deltas: present and future