Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS)

Dr Nabiul Islam

Nabiul IslamDr. Nabiul Islam, a Senior Research Fellow in the Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS), has major expertise in water, flood and disaster management, environment, natural resources and ecosystem management; climate change and adaptations; and benefit monitoring and evaluation of water resources projects. Apart from many articles/chapters in national and international journals, Dr Islam has eight books to his credit, including two books on flood and flood loss management published from Germany, and one co-authored on Climate Public Expenditure Review, published by GED.  Dr. Nabiul Islam is involved in Work Package 3 & Work Package 5 on DECCMA.

Dr Anwara Begum

Anwara Begum newDr. Anwara Begum is a Regional Planner with expertise in Development Research, especially Migration, and Evaluation, eg, Gender Component of PRIME for InM and Evaluation of SEEMA Project (Garment and Sex Workers).¬† She researched poor dwellers in her book ‚ÄúDestination Dhaka-Urban Migration: Expectation and Reality‚ÄĚ, including ‚ÄėEngendering Garment Industry: The Bangladesh Context‚ÄĚ.¬† She was Research Director for 15 countries‚Äô work at CIRDAP and 25 years‚Äô experience (BIDS) of qualitative and quantitative work on Development Issues, especially Migration, Gender, Garment Industry and also Informal Sector Workers and Working conditions, Poverty Reduction, MDG and PRSP, Water and Sanitation, Urbanization and Regional Development. ¬†¬†Dr. Anwara Begum is involved in Work Package 3 & Work Package 5 on DECCMA.

Technological Assistance for Rural Development (TARA)

Dr Munir Ahmed

Munir AhmedDr. Munir Ahmed is a Fisheries Biologist working mainly with Fish Conservation, Fish Habitat Restoration and Fishers community to improve their livelihoods.  Dr. Ahmed was involved with a number of Fisheries Research programmes, in some cases jointly with several universities. He was also co-supervisor of a number of M.Sc Thesis students. He has been involved with a technical NGO TARA (Technological Assistance for Rural Advancement) since 1998 and supported fisheries related studies, survey, investigations and implementation works.  On the DECCMA project he is involved mainly with Work Package 2: Hot Spot Mapping work with IWFM, CEGIS, PML and others, Work Package 5 and limited input to Work Package 1.

Jagrata Juba Shangha (JJS)

ATM Zakir Hossain

Zakir HossainATM Zakir Hossain, the founder of JJS, earned his master’s degree in commerce from Rajshahi University. He became a member of Service Civil International at the age of 15. He did a certificate course on International Project Manager programme, Globalverkstan, Gothenburg, Sweden.  Organisational development is one of his areas of expertise achieved by leading JJS for 30 years as the Executive Director. He has capacity, experience, and demonstrated skill in Research, project design and implementation, human resource management, liaison and coordination.

Dhaka University

Anwar Hossen

Anwar HossenAnwar Hossen is a social scientist with specific focus on political ecology of natural resource governance.  He is interested in how ecosystem and climate change are linked with the broader framework of adaptation and migration.   Before joining DECCMA, Anwar published an edited volume on Water and Ecological Resource Governance with specific focus on the Ganges-Brahmaputra Basin.  Earlier, his PhD at the University of British Columbia, Canada, investigated water policy and governance for the empowerment of marginalised people in rural Bangladesh.  Anwar is a co-investigator for DECCMA’s Work Package 1, which focuses on the human rights approach to adaptation and migration in the context of increasing climatic concerns.