Working with RMMRU on DECCMA; The memories I will not forget

by Rafiqul Islam, Research Assistant (RMMRU)

Life is full of experience. I want to write my experience about the journey to perform research with RMMRU, and about the memorable time which I spend with my colleagues.

I can’t express myself so smoothly in writing. First, I want to give thanks to my lord, because I think I am so lucky to work with RMMRU for a few months. In those few months I have learned many things from RMMRU and from my colleagues.



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I joined RMMRU in March, and then I started my work. First, I went to Chandpur, Lakshmipur and Bhola to conduct household listing surveys. We faced some accommodation problems. My colleagues were very supportive and helpful to me as we overcame all sorts of problems regarding staying, eating, and travelling. I was one of the younger boys on my team, so I have received love from my senior brothers. Basically I am a jolly-minded boy, so I can communicate with my respondents and my colleagues spontaneously. But when we had to go do the surveys, we had faced some problems because we had no female member in the group. When we reached each household, a few people were reluctant to participate in our survey, but generally the majority were very helpful to us in our research. After completing these surveys, we returned to Dhaka.

Then, in April, we left Dhaka again for another round of field work and to conduct interviews with selected respondents. This time I was in a new group. Our journey was good. We had 7 members on our team including me. My partner was Tamanna Apu. Frankly speaking, at first I was not comfortable with her because her way of thinking and my way of thinking was a little bit different. Gradually we under-stood each other’s work and we became good friends for the purpose of the work. My other team members like Musabbir Bhai, Saiful and Roni Bhai, Ridita and Popy Apu were too good. We had two members replacing Roni Bhai and Saiful were Himel and Tanjim Bhai. They were also friendly. Girls were so sincere for their work. Every morning girls were got up from bed early in the morning and got ready quickly. After getting ready they were waiting for us. All of these moments were so memorable for me. All these things made for a very friendly work environment. This friendly attitude among team members was not limited to the work, but also in all spheres, generally, we got along as a team. I really will not forget those days.

Another memorable day was visiting our field work by Ricardo and Rocky Bhai in Lakshmipur. I was little bit sick and nervous that day because Rocky Bhai scolded us for our mistake. At that moment I was sad after that I have realized that it was my fault. I always respect and love Rocky Bhai from the core of my heart undoubtedly. A most horrible experience occurred on 28th May 2016.On that day we started our journey from Lakshmipur sadar to Bhola on a trawler ship, when suddenly a storm began. All of us had begun to fear for our lives, but by the grace of almighty Allah we made it through with our lives. We have finished our journey through some ups and downs, but, in the end, the experience left me with one of the more significant memories in my life.

It was a great opportunity for me to work with a reputed organization like RMMRU. Finally, I want to thank all the members of RMMRU.

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