Resource types

Before starting your literature review you need to understand different types of information sources, including databases and journals (also called periodical publications). You will need to think about what types of information are important to your subject discipline for your research. For example, historians may be looking at primary sources, such as letters, in an archive, but the literature review will use secondary sources, books and journal articles, to describe the topic they are researching and set the scene.

If you feel confident with this terminology, please move on to the next section on literature searching.

Click on the picture below for a playlist of videos covering books/eBooks, archives, journals (periodical publications), databases, visual resources, alternative sources, blogs and social media, Wikipedia. Each video is about 4 minutes long. You will need your university username and password; you do not need to connect your LinkedIn account.

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Other types of information not covered in the videos are…

The next section covers key information about conducting a literature search, including how to identify resources (databases) to use, creating a search strategy and introduces subject heading searches.

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