Annual Meeting 2018


Dial-a-Molecule Annual Meeting 2018

Enabling Synthesis

When: 9th-10th July 2018

Where: London; iHUB, Imperial College’s White City Campus, W12 0BZ


Around 140 people gathered at Imperial College’s new White City campus on 9th-10thJuly for Enabling Synthesis, the 2018 Annual Meeting of the Dial-a-Molecule Network.

The final program can be found here or downloaded: Agenda AM2018

Attendees were treated to a great set of talks, covering the full range of Dial-a-Molecule related topics, and also took full advantage of the networking opportunities provided by the event, whilst breakouts provided excellent input into the future priorities of the network. There was a lively evening session which included a panel discussion, flash poster presentations, posters and an excellent exhibition, with pizzas and drinks to help promote the networking. Congratulations go to Becky Greenaway of University of Liverpool, who scooped the poster prize with her poster ‘High-Throughput Discovery of Organic Cages and Bridged Catenanes using Computational Screening fused with Robotic Synthesis’.

Data driven synthesis was a common theme in many of the presentations together with expanding the methodologies available to synthetic chemists. Many of speakers have kindly provided their presentations for publication and these can be accessed viathe links below.

Note that the date for next year’s Annual Meeting has already been set and it will be held in York on 4th-5thJuly 2019 – save the date!

Links to presentations (when available):

Introduction to ROAR– Prof. Mimi Hii, Imperial CollegeLondon

Kinetic Profiling of Catalytic Organic Reactions as a Mechanistic Tool – Prof Donna Blackmond, Scripps Research Institute

Multi-phasic Continuous Flow Reactors and Reactions – Prof. John Blacker, iPRD, University of Leeds

Enabling synthesis in Fragment Based Drug Discovery– Dr. Rachel Grainger, Astex Therapeutics

Enabling Data Rich Experimentation and associated Data Analytics– Dr. Henry Dubina, Mettler-Toledo

Data Driven Process Understanding – Dr. Gill Turner, GlaxoSmithKline

Acceleration of the Drug Discovery Process by Enabling Chemistry Technology – Dr. Steve Djuric, Abbvie

Electrochemical Generation of Catalysts using Batch and Flow Technology – Dr. Charlotte Willans University of Leeds

Chemical Discovery & AI:  The EPSRC Network Artificial & Augmented Intelligence for Automated Investigation and Discovery (AI3D)-Prof. Jeremy Frey, University of Southampton

Cognitive Chemical Manufacture – Dr. Tom Chamberlain, University of Leeds and Dr. Federico Galvanin, UCL

Using the Dial-A-Molecule Photocatalyst Library in Reaction Discovery – Dr. James Donald, University of York

Tetramethyl Orthosilicate (TMOS) as a Reagent for Direct Amidation of Carboxylic Acids -Prof. Chris Braddock, Imperial College London

Programmable Organic Synthesis for the age of automation – Prof. Jeff Bode (ETH Zurich),


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