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What is DaM and Who is behind the network

What is the Challenge?

The Challenge: Molecules are collections of atoms connected together in a specific way. Even constrained to those elements most used (C, N, H, O, P, S) the number of possible molecules, even using small numbers of atoms, is vast  – AND every molecule has different properties. It is unsurprising then that much of modern life …

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Foreseen Impact of Dial-a-Molecule

Given the wide span of the Grand Challenge, the impact of any achievement towards Dial-a-Molecule will reach far beyond academia. Not only will advances affect industry and economy but addressing the Grand Challenge will be of benefit to society as a whole and will aid government to maintain its role in the world economy. Academia: …

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What is Dial-a-Molecule

Dial-a-Molecule is a Grand Challenge Network funded by EPSRC 2010 – 2015 and 2016 – 2020 to promote research aimed at step change in our ability to deliver molecules quickly and efficiently: How can we make molecules in days not years? Tackling this challenge requires collaboration between many areas of science, engineering and mathematics. Thus the network …

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