Annual Meeting 2019

Dial-a-Molecule Annual Meeting 2019

When: 3-4thJuly, 2019

Where:  University of York


The Annual Meeting of the Dial-a-Molecule network for 2019 was an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of Dial-a-Molecule and to look forward to exciting future developments. This 2-day meeting covered many areas within the Dial-a-Molecule remit as invited talks, oral presentations and posters. Breakout sessions provided the opportunity to shape the future of the network, whilst a wide ranging exhibition and ample time for networking completed the programme. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and exhibitors, listed below, the event was free-to-attend.

An evening session, which included posters, a drinks reception sponsored by Syngenta and an excellent gin-tasting arranged by our exhibitors, provided great networking opportunities and was particularly appreciated by delegates.

Congratulations go to Christiane Schotten of University of Leeds who was awarded first prize in the poster session for her poster entitled ‘Development of a multifunctional electrochemical flow platform for high-throughput synthesis and optimisation of catalysts’.

The second prize went to Hon Ho of University of York for ‘Dearomatizing Spirocyclization/Cross-Coupling Cascade Reactions of Alkyne-Tethered Aromatics’.

Comments from delegates include:
‘The range of speakers was excellent and I feel very inspired to continue working in this area’

‘I really enjoyed the conference last week. There was a good line-up of speakers but also the overall atmosphere was great and I enjoyed speaking to a lot of people’

There was an excellent selection of talks, balanced between established and early career researchers, all of which I found interesting (quite unusual for any conference, I’d say!)’

‘I really enjoyed it and will be certain to try and attend the next one’

The agenda for the event can be found here: AM 2019 agenda final; a number of speakers have kindly agreed that their presentations can be shared –see the links below.

Please note that although EPSRC funding for the network finishes at the end of March 2020, Dial-a-Molecule intends to continue to hold their successful and popular Annual Meetings for the foreseeable future.

Available Presentations:

Dial-a-Molecule Technologies at the Industrial (Coal) Face– Simon Yates, AstraZeneca

Data-driven discovery and optimisation of organometallic catalysts – Dr Natalie Fey, University of Bristol

Let’s stick together: unravelling the complexity of ‘Pd(OAc)2’precatalyst activation of relevance to cross-coupling chemistry – Prof Ian Fairlamb, University of York

Centre for Rapid Online Analysis of Reactions (ROAR): A major Dial-a-Molecule Success Story –Prof Mimi Hii, Imperial College London

Water as A Reaction Medium: Realising Its Green Credentials – Dr Bao Nguyen, iPRD, University of Leeds

Taming Diazo Chemistry in Flow – Prof. Anita Maguire, University College, Cork

How Best to Discover Novel Bioactive Small Molecules? – Prof Adam Nelson, University of Leeds


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