Trade, Environment and Growth: Advanced Topics in Input-Output Analysis

trade, environment and growthIn March 2015 BC3 hosted the following training for the DECCMA project:

This course applies the Input-Output (IO) framework to issues related to trade, environment, and growth. For the production of commodities and services, industries depend on other industries for their intermediate products. More and more, such linkages between industries cross borders. Input-output analysis is a tool that takes such interdependencies in the production structure into full account. It has been applied to a wide variety of topics, ranging from agricultural and development economics to disciplines dealing with energy and environmental issues. Typical questions which the tools can respond to are the following:
How much high-skilled and low-skilled labour in the US or India is involved in satisfying the demand for cars by households in Australia, reflecting trade in production factors?

What is the greenhouse gas footprint of China or India, or how large are the Bangladeshi (virtual) “exports” of water or value added in trade?
The sessions scheduled for the morning will be focused on exploring basic concepts and IO techniques, with especial emphasis on the application of the analysis to different research topics. The afternoon sessions will include hands-on exercises focused on the construction of IO tables in developing countries and at the subnational level.

The training, organised by the Basque Centre for Climate change (BC3) in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country , was given by Prof. Erik Dietzenbacher

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