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Clive Gamble interviewed by Matt Pope on BBC Radio Four

Clive Gamble was interviewed by Matt Pope for the BBC Radio Four "History of Ideas". Matt is a member of theĀ AHRC Project: Crossing the Threshold: Dynamic transformation in human societies of the Late Middle Pleistocene project. The audio is available on the BBC Radio Four website. It was broadcast onĀ Friday 30 Jan 2015. Clive's section begins at around 2 minutes 40s in, where he talks about the evolutionary trade off between larger brains and smallerĀ intestines. Continue reading →

Archaeology of Portus course – second run

The Archaeology of Portus Massive Open Online Course has just started again. There is still time for you to join the many thousands of people on this free course focused on our work at Portus. The port of Imperial Rome. Sign up via the FutureLearn Archaeology of Portus page. We have had an even greater number of learners enrolling than last year and have made modifications throughout the course. Continue reading →

Italian translation of week one topics

Excavating a burial at PortusPhoto: Hembo Pagi Once again Eleonora has translated the summaries of the week one activities into Italian in order to support sharing of the course via Italian social media. As discussed previously the course itself runs in English and it is not possible to moderate the posts on the FL platform in English and Italian. This would require Italian speakers on the FutureLearn platform which is monitored 24 hours a day. Continue reading →

Old Sarum in the news

This morning Kris Strutt from Archaeological Prospection ServicesĀ of SouthamptonĀ spoke on the BBC Today programme about his work at Old Sarum. You can listen to Kris Strutt on the BBC Today programme being interviewed by Sarah Montague this morningĀ and read his reflections on the day on his blog. The piece features in a BBC News Article entitled "Old Sarum archaeologists reveal plan of medieval city". Continue reading →

Build your own Portus

Modelling help sheet (Grant Cox and Christina Triantafillou) Iā€™m very excited about the imagination shown in the comments on the Archaeology of Portus: exploring the lost harbour of ancient Rome course. But it is clear that even at this late stage it is still hard to get a sense of space. Weā€™ve worked hard to film as much as possible of the MOOC content actually on-site at Portus last summer, and you can see where this footage was filmed. Hopefully this week will also help. Continue reading →

Sharing links

David Potts who is a PhD student in the Archaeological Computing Research Group at Southampton has extracted the links that were shared on the platform in the first few weeks. We will update this list to help you to build your own reference collections of supplementary material. Add the end of the course we will archive these links to and to make them more accessible. Continue reading →