Archaeology of Portus course – second run

Wearable camera being used on site at Portus
Wearable camera being used on site at Portus

The Archaeology of Portus Massive Open Online Course has just started again. There is still time for you to join the many thousands of people on this free course focused on our work at Portus. The port of Imperial Rome. Sign up via the FutureLearn Archaeology of Portus page.

We have had an even greater number of learners enrolling than last year and have made modifications throughout the course. As with last year there will be an opportunity for learners to request additional information about any topic and we will collate these requests and produce additional learning resources for Week Six. We have incorporated all of this information gathered from the first course into the second one, so in this way each successive cohort of learners directly influences those following on.

We have also increased the amount of Italian material. There areĀ Italian translations of all of the video transcripts and we will also be hosting Italian subtitles. We are exploring ways of crowd sourcing translation into other languages, and also experimenting with a new method of learners enriching video content – more of which in a future post.

As ever we are keen on learners producing their own scholarly and creative responses to the material, whether that is recreating the site in SketchUp, Minecraft or Lego, drawing on their own maps and plans, composing appropriate sound and music-scapes to accompany the course, or developing their interpretations of the research data we are sharing.

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