Enabling Data Driven Chemistry

Dial-a-Molecule Grand Challenge Institute

Rapid reaction analysis has been identified by theĀ Dial-a-Molecule Grand ChallengeĀ as an area most in need of a central facility, due to the cost of equipment/instruments, and even more critically, the provision of expertise to provide training in the use and interpretation of data.

Such a facility would give access to state-of-the-art automated synthesis and analysis equipment, advanced data analysis, mining and management software and skilled staff.

TheĀ facility would aim to:

  1. ProvideĀ UK wide access to facilities that are currently unavailable to the majority of chemists thus accelerating discovery and manufacture.
  2. DriveĀ the development and adoption of equipment and software for next generation synthesis.
  3. EnableĀ research for reaction scoping, robustness, and predictability.
  4. Address the current skills gap and improve the employability of graduates.
  5. Act as a Hub, liaising with existing centres (e.g. Manufacturing Catapult, CPI, CMAC, CPACT etc)

The proposed Grand Challenge Institute would be available to all UK scientists across all sectors. Ā To help shape the proposal and identify what is required we ran a short survey. Ā The results were extremely positive and are depicted graphically below. Ā If you have any questions about the survey, or would like to know more/become involved with the institute, please contactĀ Dr Mimi Hii.

Ā Please indicate your relevant research disciplines:

Question 1

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One of the aims of the Grand Challenge Institute is to facilitate access to instruments and expertise, and to provide training in their use. Ā 
Please assess your needs:

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Question 3c

If the Grand Challenge Institute is established, how likely/often are you to use it?

Question 4

As much as possible, the Grand Challenge Institute will aim to deliver its services free at the point of use. Ā 
Please indicate your preference for the following modes of action


Would you be willing to support the establishment of a Grand Challenge Institute?