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Meet the Team – Peter Driver

What you are going to be doing at Basing House? Peter, our talented Artist in Residence I will be ‘Artist in Residence’ during the excavation. I am not certain yet about what kind of work I will make in response to the project. I imagine it will involve a lot of drawing, possibly making woodcut prints and generating a set of ‘zines’ reflecting the activities and progress of the project. Continue reading →

Meet the Team – Jude Jones

What will you be doing at Basing House? Jude, with a hungry hawk, in Hungary! I’ll be managing finds and training students in finds processing. I also hope to be able to assist Gareth in archive digitisation. What you are hoping to experience at Basing House? I specialise in early modern archaeology and have done various analyses of local Tudor, Stuart and Georgian gentry houses, although my most recent work has been on post-medieval parish churches. Continue reading →