Meet the Team – Peter Driver

What you are going to be doing at Basing House?

Peter Driver

Peter, our talented Artist in Residence

I will be ‘Artist in Residence’ during the excavation. I am not certain yet about what kind of work I will make in response to the project. I imagine it will involve a lot of drawing, possibly making woodcut prints and generating a set of ‘zines’ reflecting the activities and progress of the project. I also hope to have a go with a mattock!

What you are hoping to experience at Basing House?

It looks like being a lot of fun. I am looking forward to the the inter-disciplinary exchange between my visual art practice and the skills, knowledge and discoveries of the archaeology students and staff.

What’s the unique thing that attracts you to Basing House?

I think the Civil War period is fascinating as so much of our current national life and politics has its roots in that conflict. I am not a historian but the fact that previous digs have found signs of activity right back to neolithic times makes Basing House a very exciting site to explore.

What you do when you’re not at Basing House?

I am an artist and second-year Fine Art student at Winchester School of Art.  I also spend time birding around Berkshire and working as voluntary company secretary for Greenbelt Festival (the biggest arts festival most people have never heard of).

Useful Links

See examples of Peter’s work on his website:

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