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Is this the best we can do?

A week or two back, a colleague gave me a sample of the QR code panels that are being piloted along the South Downs Way. I was quite excited to see it, because it turned out not to be just a QR code, but also incorporated an NFC chip and a LAYAR augmented reality image. I’m quite dismissive of QR codes, but only because some people get over excited about what is, after all, just another way of inputting a URL into a browser. Continue reading →

So what exactly is RTI anyway? (Updated)

Remember that bit at the beginning of The Fifth Element, when the professor is trying to read the ancient pictograms and the sleepy boy keeps letting the mirror drop? Turns out what that professor needed was RTI. I spent a fun day today working alongside volunteer guides at Winchester Cathedral. But we were not giving tours. We were taking pictures of graffiti. But with some of these scratches in stone and wood hundreds of years old, they could be difficult to read. Continue reading →