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PGRAS 2013 – Post-Symposium Reflections

I am pleased to say that the Postgraduate Research Archaeology Symposium 2013 was a great success! Not only was there a great set of presentations from our PGR students, but also a great turn out of students and staff to hear them present. Post-presentation discussion was lively and constructive, and cake-fueled coffee breaks were filled with conversations about interesting cross-overs between different people’s research. Continue reading →

PGRAS Charity Book & Cake Sale

Every year the Post-graduate Research Archaeology Symposium (23rd-24th May) has a second-hand book sale and cake sale to raise money for charity. In the last three years, we have commemorated loved ones by raising a total of £750 for Glencoe Mountain Rescue, the Mexican Association for the Fight Against Cancer, and Action on Addiction. This year, the collection is (fortunately!) not as personal as it has been in previous years. Continue reading →

Identities & Islam

On 19th-20th April the University of Southampton Faculty of Humanities hosted Identities & Islam: The First UK Early Career Symposium on Islamic Archaeology - an event created by myself and Sarah Inskip in the Department of Archaeology. What is Islamic Archaeology? The term Islamic Archaeology, though it is sometimes used to mean archaeological research relating to the religion of Islam itself (as opposed to the archaeology of Christianity, Buddhism, etc. Continue reading →

Call for Papers

Hi all, the call for papers for PGRAS 2013 is out now - check it out. PGRAS is a two day symposium that allows research students to share their ideas and get valuable feedback from staff and students. We hope you will enjoy this year’s event and make the most of the opportunity to discuss your work. All full time PhD students are obliged to present, part time students are expected to present every other year. Continue reading →