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[Advanced] Analyse some palaeo-environmental core data – comments

Advanced Palaeoenvironmental Step Copyright Ferréol Salomon Thanks for all your interesting comments on my [Advanced] step. Lots of hypotheses have been proposed! You all described very well the core sequences. Congratulation! Different sedimentary behaviors can be observed: Claudius’ basin shows sand accretion, whereas the access channel to Trajan’s basin shows mud accumulation. Continue reading →

Geoarchaeology at Portus

Coring in actionPhoto: Hembo Pagi / ACRG In 2013, geoarchaeological research at Portus continued in order better to understand the configuration of the harbour itself and its connection to Ostia and Rome by waterways. This work was funded by the Research Innovation Fund of the University of Southampton. Coring the harbour basins On July 2013, three cores were drilled in front of the Grandi Horrea di Settimio Severo at the centre of Portus. Continue reading →