Dig Basing! Coming to a garden near you

If you are interested in the archaeology and history of Basing House, then you may like to know that the Basingstoke Archaeological and Historical Society (BAHS) are organising a community archaeology project called Dig Basing! which will take place during the second half of September 2014.

An invitation to participate

This exciting venture invites Basing residents to engage in practical archaeology by volunteering to dig a 1m x 1m test pit in their garden. A team of BAHS members and staff from the University of Southampton will provide training, materials and support to the volunteers.

The village of Basing has a rich history, but has become built up over the last century and Dig Basing! is a unique opportunity to sample the background archaeology in the area surrounding Basing House.

The Street, Old Basing. Public Domain image from Wikimedia.

How to get involved

If you are a Basing resident, and you think this sounds interesting then the BAHS would like to hear from you.

For more information and contact details please visit the project website at  http://www.bahsoc.org.uk

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