Trees and tender-heartedness in Borguna

by Shihab

Nowadays, migration and climate change are talked about regularly. When a person goes from one place to another, this is called migration.  My long dream was to work for the Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit (RMMRU) and these days have been some of the greatest of my life.  During the field trip, as a supervisor, my main task was to supervise and monitor the field.

First of all, RMMRU selected a team which consisted of seven members (including myself).  My first trip was to Assassuni in the Satkhira Districts.  After a long journey, we arrived but when we disembarked from the bus, we faced different types of problems that came one after another. Due to the strong bond of my team, we overcame all the problems.  Every member of the team was kind and our sophisticated thinking allowed us to handle any type of problem easily.  After Assassuni, we went to Kaligong in Satkhira which was an excellent area.  After completing our work in Kaligong, we reached Satkhira Sadar.




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As usual, we awoke early in the morning and after breakfast went to the¬†field but didn’t find anyone.¬† After searching, we came to the conclusion that there was a listing problem.¬† So, we came back to Dhaka with the work unfinished.¬† After four days rest, we went to Borguna which¬†was very enjoyable compared to the other areas.¬† Every village was covered with trees and informants were so friendly.¬† Right now we miss those people.¬† That was the story of two fields, they are Hoglapasha and Borguna Sadar.¬†¬†Gendamara was a very¬†different field and also difficult.¬† I have¬†never seen a village as large.¬† There were no transport systems in the whole village and villagers are used to walking, although we are not! ¬†We worked easily and were enthusiastic about being there. ¬†After completing the Taltoli field, we went to Patuakhali Kalapara, after which we got a one day vacation, which we used¬†to visit Kuakata where you can watch the sunset and sunrise.¬† We saw some nice nature and water.¬† In this same way we finished our Patuakhali Sadar and Mirjagong field. ¬†Banajora Boufol in Patuakhali was so different from the other places.¬† We encountered some folks who held strong views and this created some difficulties. Still, we enjoyed a full moonlit night with the river blows which was amazing. After four days rest, we prepared to go to a new field in Chandpur, which is known for being abundant with fish.¬† Above all, I like to describe my happy moments, however, I think I hold this memory in the corner of my heart.¬† Thanks to RMMRU for this excellent trip, I eagerly await the next opportunity.

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