Using Synthetic Biology to Dial-a-Molecule II: Defining the path to success

Using Synthetic Biology to Dial-a-Molecule

The Dial-a-Molecule EPSRC Grand Challenge Network is organising a debate on how synthetic biology may transform the way we make molecules in the future on 18th February 2013 at GSK, Stevenage.

This follow-up to the first meeting (19th June 2012, GSK) is deliberately designed to provide a superb opportunity for networking as well as taking part in discussions around the three topics:

  • Enzyme optimisation (evolution and engineering)
  • Biosynthesis and pathways
  • Future applications of synthetic biology

Keynote lectures by invited experts will be setting the scene for the discussions in smaller working groups, the outputs of which will be integrated in the Dial-a-Molecule Roadmap.

There will be the opportunity to display posters, but no formal poster session.


09:30 Registration with tea/coffee
10:00 Introduction
10:15 Keynote: Building pathways: getting the components and tools
Prof John Ward (UCL)
10:45 Breakout discussions and feedback – Biosynthesis and pathways
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Keynote: Directed evolution of enzymes provides new biocatalysts for synthesis
Prof Nicholas Turner (University of Manchester)
13:30 Breakout discussions and feedback – Enzyme optimisation (evolution and engineering)
14:45 Tea/coffee
15:15 Keynote – Prof Richard Kitney (Imperial College)
15:45 Breakout discussions – Future applications of synthetic biology
17:00 Close of workshops