Dial-a-Molecule & DAESTP Joint Launch Meeting

On 20th October 2010 the Dial-a-Molecule Network Grand Challenge was launched in Birmingham at the ICC, jointly with Directed Assembly of Extended Structures with Targeted Properties Network Grand Challenge. The meeting included compelling key note addresses from Prof. Steve Ley (University of Cambridge) and Prof. Matt Rosseinsky (University of Liverpool) and group discussion sessions to allow the delegates to help shape the key issues that the Grand Challenge networks will focus on and to take ownership of, or to join, the important challenge areas for them or their organisations. The event was attended by over 200 delegates from academia and industry covering a wide range of fields.

The Dial-a-Molecule Network Grand Challenge is funded for 18 months by the EPSRC, after a consultation with Chemistry Innovation, the Institution of Chemical Engineers and the Royal Society of Chemistry, to build a community of researchers to make the synthesis of any desired molecule as easy as dialling a number thus greatly empowering researchers, and removing a severe constraint to progress, in many fields. Dial-a-Molecule will produce a clear roadmap identifying priorities, bottlenecks and intermediate targets and lead delivery through a series of meetings and workshops.

The network provides researchers and users alike with the chance to be part of a widely-based community working together to define the future of chemical synthesis in the UK. For some it will provide a long term focus for their work, inspiring new ideas; for others it will offer the opportunity to develop new areas and research collaborations. In all cases it will be able to facilitate funding opportunities.

Download the program here