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Week Five

Conservation and computational imaging technologies

Silver roman imperatorial denarius of Julius Caesar, CAESAR /Aeneas advancing to front, holding Palladium in palm of right hand and carrying father Anchises on left shoulder (O 19 mm), Archaeological Museum of Amphipolis, clockwise from top left: digital image, comparison between PTM (top) and a standard computer graphic approximation (below), normal map and RTI visualization in specular enhancement rendering mode (c) Eleni Kotoula I’m Eleni Kotoula, a PhD student in the Archaeological... Continue reading →

Sharing links

David Potts who is a PhD student in the Archaeological Computing Research Group at Southampton has extracted the links that were shared on the platform in the first few weeks. We will update this list to help you to build your own reference collections of supplementary material. Add the end of the course we will archive these links to and to make them more accessible. Continue reading →