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My introduction to GIS

Having wrestled with the open source QGIS package a few weeks ago, my first attempt at modelling Portus in Minecraft, I decided it couldn’t hurt to give myself the¬†introduction to GIS I so sorely needed. By happy circumstance, Esri, developers of the ArcGIS packages had just started a MOOC in conjunction with Udemy. So I signed up for that and, for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been catching up (I started four weeks late) and completing the course. Continue reading →

More maths

Last time I finished with this matrix of scatter-plots, ordered by the magnitude of correlation. But what does it actually mean? Lets take a step back, and look at those derived variables. I ask R to describe the table of variables that I created previously, which include the notional ludic.interest variable and the Hard, Serious, Easy and People fun preference variables. Continue reading →

Gamer data: Fun preferences

After¬†last week’s hair-pulling day of frustration, I’ve made I bit more progress. The survey contained seventeen¬†questions which were based on the theory of four types of fun, set out by Nicole Lazzaro. These were 101 point ¬†Likert scales, wherein the participant indicated their agreement with a statement, using a slider with no scale and the slider “handle” position set randomly, to reduce systematic bias. Continue reading →

Bodiam data again

Yesterday, I said that I expected to see a strong negative correlation between “I didn‚Äôt learn very much new today” and “I learned about what Bodiam Castle was like in the past.” In fact, when I ran the correlation function in R, it came out at a rather miserly 0.33, much lower than I expected. So I asked R to draw me a scatterplot: And there it is, some correlation, but not as much as I was expecting. Continue reading →

Using R in anger

I’m expecting to be emailedl the link to my final exam in the Coursera statistics course this weekend, and by way of revision I’m using my own data in R for the first time. The first challenge is making sure my data is R “fit” – I entered it into Excel the first time, and though I made sure that even category data was entered numerically, I did some foolish things. Continue reading →