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Portus Project; Geophysics; Roman Archaeology

New Discoveries at Ostia Antica and the Isola Sacra

  David Knight undertaking magnetometry in the vicinity of the Tiber levee on the Isola Sacra in 2008 The new discovery of extensive urban remains to the north of the river Tiber at Ostia Antica highlights part of the survey project conducted between 2008 and 2012 across the Isola Sacra, the area of delta between Ostia Antica and Portus. Continue reading →

Electrical Resistivity Tomography on the Isola Sacra

Further to my last post, the week before last was spent with a team from the British School at Rome carrying out a single Electrical Resistivity Tomography (ERT) profile across part of the Isola Sacra, designed to complement the magnetometer survey of the area, and recent coring undertaken by Ferreol Salomon. The Necropolis di Porto, showing the Via Flavia, between Portus and Ostia Antica. Continue reading →

Contemplating Data Analysis and Narrative

The lengthy period since my last blog post represents a diversion from the usual pattern of fieldwork and rapid turn-around of research reports and has provided some time for reflection on the nature of the types of data we collect as archaeologists and what we do with it. Much of the work of recent months has been related to large-scale research projects, and the analysis and interpetation of varying forms of geophysical and archaeological data to a number of different research agendas. Continue reading →

Portus Field School Week Two: canals, boats and local residents

The second week of the field school started in reflective mood, with a wander down the length of the Roman canal or Fossa Traiana that still forms the principal link between the modern town of Fiumicino, the coast and the Tiber. In spite of the balmy weather and the tranquil evening, the sea was in restless mood, with the waves breakingon the breakwater, and waves channelling up the canal, one after the other, pitching the fishing boats against the edge of the jetty. Continue reading →