Italian language on the MOOC

The FutureLearn platform that is hosting the Archaeology of Portus MOOC currently does not support multiple languages, although we understand that this is being considered as the platform continues to develop. However, the Portus Project is at its heart a long term collaboration between Italian and UK institutions and individuals and so it is important to us that both languages are supported. In this first running of the MOOC we will be translating key portions of the MOOC as possible, with Italian native speakers from the Portus Project engaged via social media. We also very much hope that Italian MOOC students will choose to engage in the Forum in Italian as much as English, and to develop their own open learning resources in Italian to share with the community. We are about to launch an Italian language tour of the site that will be accessible to MOOC students. Many thanks to Eleonora Gandolfi for the initial round of translations.