The V&A’s games residency

I’m adding a link to the blogroll which come October, I’ll be following with interest. Sophia George is a young game designer who is about to take up a residency at the venerable museum. On the V&A website she says:

I will use the history of British design shown in the Britain 1500-1900 galleries as the starting point for my research. One third of the residency time will be dedicated to public engagement, inviting a variety of audiences to experience and participate in the creative process of game design though an innovative programme of events and activities at the V&A.

And in her own blog she expands. Not only is she excited by the collection at the V&A, she also excited that through the residency she will contribute to the “are games art?” debate as well as the discussion about the preservation of games. She’s also looking  forward to the opportunities for public engagement.

Her website also includes some papers from her student days including this one which includes some useful references about emotional stimuli in games.