Preparing for the Spring Survey

This week some of the staff from the surveying modules for undergraduate Archaeology students visited Basing House to set out the grid for the planned survey work.

As the site is so large, we spent some time working out where to put our pegs so that all of the teams of students would be able to set up total stations and carry out a topographic or building survey across the extensive site.

The weather was beautiful (I even think I caught the sun a little bit).

Here we are marking out a great vantage point on the top our one of the half moon gunning placements at the south of the site.

Setting out the grid.

Later in the morning, we marked out a few points inside the Old House.

Setting out the grid. Putting in a point in the Old House.

We’re going to be surveying across the whole site, so we put in alot of pegs today! Including some in the Knot Garden.


Setting out the grid. Adding a points in the Knot Garden.



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