CAHO Seminar Series 2012-11-05 17:11:20

9th November, Wymer Lab (Archaeology Building 65a, Avenue Campus)

The second CAHO seminar will be given by Professor Uzy Smilansky from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel


“Computer-based documentation and analysis of stone artefacts in 3D”

This talk will review recent work carried out at the Computerized Archaeology Laboratory at the Hebrew University (Jerusalem) together with Dr Leore Grosman and others. The laboratory is equipped with 3 optical scanners which provide high resolution digitized 3D models, which are further elaborated to document and study archaeological artefacts. Focussing on lithics, I shall review our software for positioning and extraction of geometric measures of stone tools, and then elaborate on various other applications such as e.g., characterization of post-depositional damages due to the action of rolling by waves or flows and the computerized identification of scars and ridges on tool surfaces and their significance in typology.


All welcome!