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Postgraduate Student and/or Staff Visits

Biological Sciences Outreach

By visiting our Biological Sciences Outreach page, you can explore a range of opportunities available to students. Whether or not you are interested in sessions regarding work shadowing, twilight sessions, or observing science all around, the University of Southampton would be excited to work with your school and pupils.

Ask the Expert

We are always working towards more opportunities to get postgraduate researchers and staff involved in schools, and currently the best way to get in touch with us is through our ‘Ask the Expert’ workshop.

‘Ask the Expert’ is our way of getting your students in touch with our world-class researchers and academics. We have a range of free lectures and workshops available, across a wide variety of subject areas. The content of many of the sessions is directly related to the research being carried out by our academic staff. We can run sessions on campus or our academics are normally able to travel up to two hours to visit you in your school or college.

If you want to book an Ask the Expert workshop, then please visit the website, explore our range of workshops, and complete the form. We look forward to hearing from you!

In the future, we hope to offer an even greater range of lectures and workshops for our students and staff for you.