Step 4 – Communicating your Project

Now you’ve got all your results, you need to work out how to best present your results so that other researchers know what your study found. In this section of the guide you’ll find all the information you need to do so.

Step 4 Page 1 – Academic Posters

Academic poster have a different type of formatting to posters you may have previously done. Academic posters are to show ...
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Step 4 Page 2 – Stats and Laying Data Out

When you are collecting, analysing, or presenting your results, it is very important to plan ahead and consider the differences ...
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Step 4 Page 3 – Giving a Good Presentation

Anyone can give a good talk. Everyone can improve their talks. All scientists should be trained in the basics of ...
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Step 4 Page 4 – What is an Abstract?

An abstract can be described simply as a summary of the contents of a book, article, or speech. However, an ...
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Step 4 Page 5 – Writing a Scientific Report

When writing a scientific report, it is important to remember the questions you asked, the hypothesis you created, and all ...
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Step 4 Page 6 – References

Whether you take information from online journals, books, magazines, webpages, or any other source, it is essential that you show ...
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