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Step 4 Page 6 – References

Whether you take information from online journals, books, magazines, webpages, or any other source, it is essential that you show where the material came from and give credit. This is called referencing. Referencing isn’t only for the benefit of the people who have done the work you are citing. By citing and referencing throughout your work, your readers can follow your train of thought, and go and read up on any points that they want more information.

When referencing there are different styles of doing so correctly, and the style you use depends on the subject you are writing about. The most common referencing style to use in EPQ projects, especially Neuroscience-based projects, is Harvard. This is a general term used to refer to references that include both the author’s name and the date of publication. If you are unsure of how to reference, you can visit the Cite Them Right website to get answers to frequently asked questions and to check that your referencing is correct!


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