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Step 4 Page 3 – Giving a Good Presentation

Anyone can give a good talk. Everyone can improve their talks. All scientists should be trained in the basics of giving talks, to the great benefit of both their research programs and the people in their audience.  The aim of these principles from public speaking theory is not marketing or putting an external gloss on a product. Instead, the goal is letting your inner glow and insights shine out to your audience. The three principles of a good talk are as follows:

  • Preparation – Title each slide with a full sentence: the premise of the slide.
  • Presentation – Make eye contact with the audience, rather than with your own slides.
  • Questions – Listen to the question, repeat to see if you got it, and answer its content but not its tone.

The above is taken from work by Uri Alon, and you can click on the link to find out more about how to give a great talk!

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